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Ideally it is best to interview a prospective maternity nurses face to face in your own home. However due to the workload of many maternity nurses and clients, this is not always possible. The next best option is to arrange a Skype or WhatsApp video call at a mutually convenient date and time.

Preparation is key, it is advisable to write down all of the questions that you would like to ask the prospective maternity nurse. Interviewing for a maternity nurse is a two way process, an opportunity for both the client and prospective maternity nurse to ask relevant questions. An opportunity to establish if you are a good match. First impressions are important and always trust your instincts.


We have a list of interview questions, but it is always best to adapt the questions for your specific requirements.

Questions to ask a prospective Maternity Nurse

  • Why did you choose maternity nursing as a career?

  • How long have you being a maternity nurse for?

  • Which aspects of the job do you like/ dislike and why?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Are you resourceful, can you give an example?

  • What formal qualifications /certificates do you have?

  • Do you have experience with breastfeeding?

  • Do you have experience of working with babies who have suffered from Colic, reflux, tongue tie?

  • Do you have experience with looking after twins or multiples?

Topics to discuss with a potential maternity nurse

  • Philosophy on parenting styles

  • Days off and break times

  • Arrangements for meal times and any specific dietary requirements

  • Sleeping arrangements

  • Deposit and retainers

  • Cancellation policy

  • Any other specific questions that you may have

Top Tips for interviewing a potential maternity nurse

Asking the potential maternity nurse a few questions about herself is a good ice breaker. For example you could ask about her own family, does she have children of her own, family pets, hobbies and interests. Asking questions about her philosophy on parenting can give you more insight into the personality of a potential maternity nurses and if she is a good match for your family. 

If you need any further help, please get in touch

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